IGO-FIX Two-piece endotracheal tube holder

IGO-FIX  is a disposable, soft band for fixing the endotracheal tube. It provides safe stabilization by preventing accidental extubation. It is made of soft foam covered with a delicate, anti-decubitus material for the skin. The combination of safety and speed of use of the product creates optimal respiratory protection for the intubated patient. It can be used successfully with patients intubated both in the long-term and in an emergency. These bands do not require the use of adhesives, they can be used successfully, with patients with a beard or damaged skin.

Product features

  • Fixation of endotracheal tubes, laryngeal tubes and laryngeal masks
  • Two-part
  • It consists of two elements: neck pad and a tube stabilizing part
  • Quick and comfortable placement
  • Can be cut individually – length adjustment to the patient
  • Possibility of changing the tube possition
  • Comfortable hook strip fastening
  • Hole in the band providing immobilisation of the tube
  • Additional hook strip adhesive and silicone strap for the tube enabling its attachment to the band
  • Universal size
  • Disposable
  • Individually packed

Catalog No.

ref product description
01021 1 neck pad / 1 tube stabilizing part
01031 1 neck pad / 2 tube stabilizing parts
01041 1 neck pad / 3 tube stabilizing parts

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