About us

Sinmed - Polski producent sprzętu medycznego

Polish manufacturer
of medical Equipment

Sinmed Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment for many branches of medicine. We offer products of renowned brands from all over the world.

We were established in 2016 as a company focused on two key goals: improving the quality of life for people in the area of healthcare and facilitating the work of medical staff.




Sinmed - Misja


Our mission is to serve customers around the world as the most trusted partner in the supply of medical equipment, working with passion and commitment, sharing similar values.


Sinmed - Bezpieczeństwo


Health is a fundamental value - for us, our clients and their patients, therefore we make every effort to ensure that the delivered products meet the highest quality and safety standards. We have been ISO 13485 certified since 2020.


Sinmed - Misja


Awareness of the need to improve the quality of life of patients and commitment to improving the quality of work of medical personnel have provided us with inspiration and strength to start the production of innovative disposable medical devices.